Via Claudia Augusta

The only imperial state road over the Alps – the Via Claudia Augusta – was built almost 2000 years ago by the Romans.

After two thousand years of history, the Via Claudia Augusta, the ancient Roman road, which led from the Po River lowlands and the Adriatic Sea all the way to the Danube, is enjoying a renaissance. With the end of the conflicts and a finally united Europe, the Via Claudia Augusta has become a bridge to unify and mixed cultures, living spaces and emotions. It is a symbolic route that spans three nations, each with its own varied landscape and traditions, artistic treasures and culinary delights, marked by more approachable, youthful and ecologically sustainable tourism. This tour is ideal to leave your watch at home and to admire places and landscapes from a new perspective.

Cycling on historic routes

Today, the Via Claudia Augusta has become an interesting theme path with lots of cultural value and over 500 km of cycling tracks. Starting in Donauwörth/Bavaria (D), this varied route leads via Augsburg and Landsberg, the Fernpass and the Resia mountain passes to Verona, Venice and Ostiglia (I). For centuries this has been the most important connection between the Roman motherland and the rich provinces in the north.


Donauwörth - Augsburg - Füssen - Imst - Nauders – Resia Pass - Merano - Bolzano - Trento - Verona - Ostiglia

Price List

from Verona, Affi

Merano from 55,00 €
Malles from 65,00 €
Nauders from 75,00 €
Landeck from 85,00 €
Garmisch from 115,00 €
Füssen from 120,00 €
All rates are inclusive of tax & road tolls. Surcharge for tandem, bike trailers possible. Rates are indicative per person and can vary depending on date, size of the coach and capacity.
Group rates from 5 people upon request.
Note: Minimum number of participants per route in the shuttle bus.

Bicycle transport & Luggage service - ViaClaudiaAugusta-BikeBus offers a reliable and comfortable daily luggage service along the route, and the special bicycle return transport from the target destinations Verona/Lake Garda or Venice. This Piggyback Service is ideal to comfortably avoid the most demanding passages Martina/Norbertshöhe and Resia Pass, and supports you during any emergency along the route.
BIKE HOTLINE: 0043 664 121 7050


Unsold seats
Date Pick-up location - Target destination
02.06. Verona/Affi/Rovereto/Trento
03.06. Verona/Affi/Rovereto/Trento
04.06. Verona/Affi/Rovereto/Trento
09.06. Verona/Affi/Rovereto/Trento
10.06. Verona/Affi/Rovereto/Trento

Bike shuttle & Bus tours

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